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Welcome to Another Edition of the Traffic Systems Inc. Newsletter!

Welcome fall!  This past Sunday, September 22 marked the 1st official day of fall (aka: autumnal equinox) for 2013 and it was off to a magnificent start with a beautiful full “Harvest Moon”.

If your fall activities include bike riding, you will find our article on Bicycle Detection of interest. Bike detection at signalized intersections and/or bike paths is quickly becoming a priority issue throughout the United States for the protection and safety of its 57 million cyclists.

Thank you as always for your interest in our newsletter. We welcome your questions and comments.

Rich Marsanico, Jr.
Vice President

You can “Count” on MicroRadar™

Bicycle detection at signalized intersections is rapidly becoming a priority issue throughout the United States, as many agencies are being mandated to detect bicycles for signalized intersections, and to count bicycles on dedicated bike lanes. California enacted a state law that mandates bicycle detection for all new intersections as well as those where greater than 50% of an intersection is rebuilt or modified.

In response to industry demands for a sensor which can accurately and reliably detect bicycles, Sensys Networks developed a new radar-based sensor to complement their existing magnetometer-based sensors. This exciting new wireless sensor platform delivers on this basic need to detect bicycles, but also adds the unprecedented ability to differentiate between bicycles and motorized vehicles! The MicroRadar™ solution supports this function with the capability to send calls to the controller on separate input channels for bike or vehicle actuation.

The ability to differentiate between a motorized vehicle and a bicycle is extremely important as the minimum time needed to cross a street is significantly different between the two. If the traffic controller supports a minimum bike green in addition to the minimum vehicle green times, as most modern controllers do, the agency is able to deliver maximum intersection operation while enabling bicycles to safely cross the intersection.

Both inductive loops and video detection are not able to differentiate a bicycle from a vehicle. This requires the traffic signal controller to assume that a detection event must be a bicycle and provide the necessary minimum green times for their safety. With MicroRadar™’s ability to differentiate a bicycle from a larger object, this will not be a required parameter.

In addition to the sensor’s ability to differentiate between bicycles and vehicles at the intersection, it has the capability to detect and perform accurate counts.  In order to test the MicroRadar™ bicycle count accuracy, Traffic Systems, Inc and Sensys networks recently installed a MicroRadar™ count station in New York City in a dedicated bike lane on 1st Avenue at 23rd Street.  The tests were run on several different days, at various times.  In order to ensure accurate data collection a video camera was set up to capture the activity, below are screen shots from the video camera.

On the days of the tests several people were performing manual counts for evaluation and these counts were being compared to the Sensys Networks data collection and analysis software (SNAPS).  Below are the results from two of the test days.

Although the count results are extremely favorable there are identifiable reasons for count inaccuracies; below are some camera screen shots which depict some of those instances.

Reasons for error with manual count

Pedestrians within the detection zone not counted in manual but will be counted by sensor.

Bicyclists riding side by side will be counted as two in manual but counted as one by sensor.

Skateboards within the detection zone not counted in manual but will be counted by sensor.

As the requirement for bicycle detection at intersections or in dedicated bike lanes becomes more prevalent the need for highly accurate detection equipment becomes that much greater.  The MicroRadar from Sensys Networks offers a cutting edge solution to improve the efficiency of signalized intersection and the safety of the bicyclist.  To find out more about the MicroRadar contact Traffic Systems, Inc at 631-242-4292 or access our website at

ENCOM Wireless is on the Move!

In order to better support the surging North American wireless market, ENCOM Wireless of Calgary Canada, the premier supplier of wireless technologies to the transportation industry has just recently opened a new U.S. Headquarters in Addison, Texas.  The new U.S. operation will handle shipping, manufacturing, technical and sales support for the entire U.S. market. As the company’s geographical footprint expands, so too does its product line.  ENCOM has just introduced two new series of products to enhance their product offering, the ENERGY Series and the PULSE Series.

ENCOM has been providing durable industrial-quality wireless broadband products to their customers for over 2 decades, delivering reliable connectivity and high bandwidth solutions to remote network sites.  The new ENERGY product line takes that one step further and increases the bandwidth capabilities to 300Mbps in addition to several other features listed below.

  • 5.2-5.8 GHz Frequency of operation

  • 802.11n MIMO Technology

  • Point to Point or Point to Multipoint topology.

  • Master/Remote operation

  • Advanced Security: WPA2 AES, Radius, MAC, e-Max

  • Integrated 20 dB dual polarity panel antenna

  • 802.3af compliant 48 VDC POE

  • STRATOS network management software

  • 3 year warranty

ENCOM also proudly introduces the PULSE series of products.  The PULSE radios are ENCOM’S most advanced 900 MHz Serial / FSK data wireless data solution. This family of robust wireless modems is designed to deliver cost effective and reliable communications in a variety of industrial control applications including Traffic Management, and SCADA.  The PULSE series will complement and eventually replace ENCOM’s workhorse 5000 series radios which have been serving the transportation industry tirelessly for more than a decade.  For more information on these products or any other ENCOM product please call Traffic Systems, Inc at 631-242-4292 or check out our website at

Employee Focus

 “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. ” James Cash Penney

As Traffic Systems, Inc. celebrates its 20th year in business- we reflect back to where it all began.  Starting out with 2 employees, a desk and some warehouse space, TSI has grown to 15 employees, 4 locations and is keeping pace with the ever changing world of transportation.
The two original employees had already worked in the traffic industry for over 20 years when TSI open its doors.  The founder of our company, Rich Marsanico Sr. had worked in many aspects of the transportation industry including working as an Electrical Consultant, a Design Consultant and at the NYSDOT as a young Traffic Engineer.  His first employee was Andy Koumbaroulis as Estimator. Mary Marino joined the company in 1997 as Office Manager.  James Fleming (Systems Engineer) joined the staff in 1998 along with Chris Pagniello, who became TSI’s first Sales Representative that same year.

Rich’s son, “Rich Jr.” came on board in 2002 and Gregg Hoffmann became our NJ sales representative, as well as VP of sales.

Mike Jordan (Systems Engineer- not celebrity ball player) was added to our field service department in 2003 and Tommy Donolli became our Sheet Metal Production Manager. Marcin Jaworksi joined the production team in 2006.

2007 saw Ed Madison become our Facilities Manager and Frank DeLucia joined our systems engineering department, becoming our in house and field detection expert.
Wendy DeGaray joined the support staff in 2010; John Fresella became the NJ Field Service Technician in 2012 and finally in 2013, Bob Blasi, P.E. blazed new territory for us as our New England Sales Representative.

It has been a wondrous ride for all involved in the growth and development of Traffic Systems, Inc. - but we know it could not have been possible without the continued support and dedication of our customers, friends and colleagues in the transportation industry.  We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working together for many years to come.

The staff and spouses of Traffic Systems Inc. celebrating 20 years of hard work on Fire Island earlier this month

Upcoming Events:

Nov 7, 2013 - Rhode Island ITE Annual Meeting, Marriott Hotel, Providence, RI

Nov 19-21, 2013 - 98th Annual New Jersey State League of Municipalities Conference, Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ

Dec 16, 2013 - ITS New Jersey, Met Life Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

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