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Crosswalk Improvements with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)

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A Letter From Our Vice President

Pedestrian safety is a very important part of any traffic signal design. Today, more than ever, there are traffic calming devices available for all applications. In this edition of the TSI Newsletter, we will focus on pedestrian safety and the devices available to slow traffic down and increase driver awareness in any scenario.

Carmanah Technologies Corporation ( is our partner specializing in flashing beacons for crosswalks, school zones and 24/7 flashing beacons that bring added visibility to warning and stop signs. Traffic Systems, Inc. has been providing traffic calming solutions to customers for the last eight years with Carmanah’s innovative product line. In this issue, be sure to read the article describing crosswalk improvements using rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB).

Polara’s Navigator Accessible Pedestrian System (APS) is the most advanced ADA compliant pedestrian crosswalk system available on the market today.  Polara Engineering ( has been a partner of Traffic Systems, Inc. for more than 10 years now.  Learn more about Polara, and how they were recently featured in an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in the article below.

Our employee spotlight features Chris Pagniello, our NYS Sales Manager and resident "funny-man". Chris is a wealth of information when it comes to pedestrian safety, traffic calming and ADA guidelines as well as, some of the latest technology for traffic control at intersections. 

I hope that you will enjoy this issue of the TSI Newsletter and reach out to us with any questions or comments.  Our employee spotlight, Chris Pagniello would love to hear from you.  He can be reached at 516-690-1991.

Rich Marsanico, Jr.
Traffic Systems, Inc.

Polara Engineering

For over a decade, Traffic Systems, Inc. has partnered with Polara Engineering as their exclusive New York State Distributor.  Traffic Systems Inc. has successfully placed Polara equipment in NYSDOT, NYCDOT, Suffolk County, Nassau County and Monroe County.
Polara is an organization dedicated to producing the highest quality products through stringent design, development, and production techniques. Polara utilizes its expertise in design, production, and assembly to produce the highest quality products that perform in the most demanding applications. Best of all, all products are built in the USA!

Polara's Navigators Installed in New York City

New York City has purchased and installed hundreds of Polara's EZ Communicator Navigator APS throughout the City’s 5 boroughs. The first Navigator APS was installed at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 23rd Street in Manhattan, one of New York City's most dangerous intersections for pedestrians. New York City news station NY1 reported that from 2005 to 2009, 21 pedestrians had been injured at the intersection, and one had died.

At a press conference held at this same intersection, residents of the neighborhood and advocates of street safety applauded the ADA-compliant upgrade. A few individuals with visual impairments were also on hand to applaud the installation and encourage the city to continue their efforts to meet the needs of all pedestrians

Click below to see the video about Polara's EZ Communicator Navigator APS:

Polara's Navigator Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Polara's Navigator Accessible Pedestrian System (APS) was recently featured onExtremeMakeover Home Edition. The home in the episode was remodeled to accommodate a visually impaired individual. As part of the remodel, Polara's Navigator APS was installed at an adjacent intersection frequented by the individual. After remodeling and upgrading the home of the individual with a visual disability, the producers of Extreme Makeover contacted the city to upgrade the nearby intersection with an Accessible Pedestrian System specifically outfitted for blind and visually impaired pedestrians.

Crosswalk Improvements with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) are becoming a widely recognized solution for improving driver yield rates and pedestrian safety at crossings without stop signs, yield signs or other traffic signals. The United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has proven RRFBs to be an extremely effective device for driver yield compliance (between 72 and 96 percent) at uncontrolled marked crosswalks. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) granted interim approval for the use of RRFBs at marked, uncontrolled crosswalks.

Solar RRFBs are becoming a leading choice for transportation professionals looking to improve vehicle yield rates, pedestrian service levels and multi-modal transportation access at uncontrolled, marked crossings. Solar RRFBs provide a cost-effective, easy-to-install alternative to AC powered RRFBs as they eliminate electrical grid connections, metering, and trenching, reduce maintenance cycles and prolong battery life. However, as demand for Solar RRFBs grow, it is important to consider key factors that affect reliable performance when specifying systems for projects and bids instead of focusing on certain materials and size. It is essential, especially with solar, to consider how many pedestrian actuations the system must support each day (referred to as operating capacity), shading factors and battery life to ensure reliable, long-term performance.

Carmanah Technologies, a North American leader in solar LED flashing beacons, manufactures two RRFB models for use at marked, uncontrolled crosswalks. Known for intelligent design and robust performance, Carmanah’s innovative solar solutions are unparalleled in the traffic industry. Carmanah’s RRFBs ensure optimal performance by meeting key considerations that are sometimes neglected in solar specifications including operating capacity, Array to Load Ratio, activations, location specific autonomy and shading and battery life.

Carmanah’s R920 model is a slim form, solar-powered RRFB that fits easily on to existing sign posts, making installation quick, easy and cost-effective. This system features a 10 watt high-efficiency solar panel that outperforms the energy balance of competitor systems with larger panels of 40-65 watts.

Carmanah’s SC315 model offers optional audible push button support and high-capacity solar generation for partially shaded applications with a 45 watt high-efficiency panel. Available in both solar and AC power, this model can be paired with the R920 for a cost-effective solution, custom tailored to the unique power requirements of the install site.

1. (U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highways Administration, Publication No. FHWA-HRT-10-043 - (*) "Effects of Yellow Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons on Yielding at Multilane Uncontrolled Crosswalks"

Because Carmanah’s RRFBs take into consideration key factors that affect performance, their compact, efficient, self-contained systems can outperform systems with larger solar panel and battery capacity. Utilize Carmanah’s Capacity Calculator to evaluate RRFB performance in your specific location. Click here to get started.

Learn more about Carmanah’s traffic solutions at

Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel & the Manhasset-Lakeville FD Unveil New Emergency Response Traffic System

May 31, 2014 - Assembled at the intersection of Northern Boulevard and Community Drive/East Shore Road, Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel and members of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department unveiled an emergency response traffic pre-emption system.  Pictured (L to R) are M-LFD Chief Michael Farrone, Ambulance Unit Captain Joel Rosenthal, Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel, and members of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department.
To learn more about this project, click on link below:

For more information on Preemption Products, contact Chris Pagniello at

Employee Spotlight - Christo "Fore” Pagniello

Over 16 years ago, in April of 1998 Traffic Systems, Inc. was just entering its 5th year in business.  There was a small staff, and the business was growing.  It was at that time that TSI hired its first outside sales person; Chris Pagniello.  Chris had the perfect background to sell traffic signal equipment, he had a degree in Biology from the University of Buffalo and was selling orthopedics to the medical industry…wait, what?  In actuality, he has proven to be an extremely quick study and has become very knowledgeable in all facets of the traffic signal business. That coupled with his exceptional interpersonal skills and his phenomenal memory has made him very successful for TSI.

Chris is currently TSI’s New York State Sales Manager; he is responsible for sales and customer support throughout the state.  Although he is involved with our entire product offering his primary focus has been in the traffic calming and pedestrian safety segment.    Therefore, Chris has become the TSI resident expert on Carmanah products, specifically the RRFB, the Polara products as well as, the radar speed signs and trailers.

He was a native and long time resident of Massapequa, Long Island; however about 7 years ago upstate NY started calling his name and he now resides with his wife Christine and daughter Kelly in Clifton Park.   Within the last few years Chris was bitten by the golf bug so when he is not travelling throughout the state from Montauk to Buffalo or from Plattsburgh to Jamestown chances are you’ll find him on the links.   According to him his game shows constant improvement yet he is still searching for that elusive birdie.  If his golf game is on par with the attention he gives his customers and the product knowledge he brings to the table, then he must be doing pretty well!

If you have an interest in any TSI product in NY, especially traffic calming, pedestrian safety or products for emergency services contact Chris Pagniello at 518-877-5401 or

Upcoming Events:

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