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Welcome to Another Edition of the Traffic Systems Inc. Newsletter!

Have you ever waited at a bus stop with no idea if you had five minutes to run across the street to grab a quick cup of coffee without missing the bus?  If so, this newsletter is for you. Welcome to another edition of the Traffic Systems, Inc. newsletter where our focus story details a project that Traffic Systems, Inc. teamed up with STV to design and build TWO working prototypes of smart bus stop signs for NYCDOT.
A large part of those smart bus stop signs were made possible by our machinist, who spent hours cutting, bending and welding the sign enclosures of the working prototypes for NYCDOT. Learn more about Tommy Donolli in the employee spotlight section of this edition.
We would also like to introduce you to Intelight’s ESB programmable traffic signal heads. Read below to see how easy it is to adjust the beams wirelessly and without a bucket truck.

To ESB or Not to ESB, That is the Question

Those of us who drive in the northeast are certainly all too familiar with sitting in traffic! Yet, if we are sitting in traffic, we hope that the traffic moves along smoothly and safely without incident and most of the time that is the case.  However, there will come a time when one is driving that he or she will approach an intersection that may be skewed or perhaps it might be a very complex intersection, an intersection with atypical geometry or in some cases it might even be one or more intersections that are in close proximity to one another.  If the traffic signal indications are not clear it can lead to confusion for the driver as they may not be able to accurately distinguish which traffic signal corresponds to his specific lane.  This condition may potentially pose a dangerous situation for the driver himself and the general motoring public.  When these conditions exist, Traffic Engineers will often take measures to correct the situation by designing or changing the intersection design to include programmable visibility signals. These types of signals have been around since the 1960’s when the technology utilized to “program” or aim the beam of light was by masking it with foil tape or changing a series of louvers to re-direct the signal.  So much has changed with traffic signal technology since those early days of programmable visibility signals yet some manufacturers (and therefore Agencies) continue to utilize these antiquated methods because it was the only game in town.

Today, Agencies now have a practical design solution available to them to take corrective action.  The Electronic Steerable Beam (ESB) from Intelight is a 100% intelligent LED traffic signal and the first traffic signal of its kind to be wirelessly controlled from the ground.  No longer is there a need for maintenance personnel in a bucket truck to manually adjust louvers or mask the viewable area.  With Intelight’s ESB, LED’s can be programmed to electronically steer the light beam as well as raise and lower light intensity for turning pockets signals using a Wi-Fi enabled PDA from the side of the road this saves hours of staff time and dramatically reduces exposure to traffic danger. Both vertical and horizontal viewing angles can be programmed for typical turn pockets plus restrict viewing for far side indications.   The Intelight ESB has an Ambient Light Adjustment that varies the signal light intensity automatically with changes in ambient light.  In addition the power consumption is drastically reduced from 150 Watts required by legacy programmable heads to an average of 8 watts for the ESB. With an industry leading seven (7) year warranty, the answer to the question “To ESB or not to ESB” becomes quite clear.

For more information about the Intelight ESB contact Traffic Systems, Inc. or checkout the Intelight website at

RTPI - Real Time Passenger Information

Recently, the New York City DOT issued a task order to STV Inc., to develop two solar powered Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) prototype assemblies to be installed in Staten Island.
The RTPI prototype units were the first of their kind to be deployed in New York City.  They were developed to allow bus riders to get a visual indication of how many bus stops away the expected bus currently is from their particular bus stop.

STV Inc. was involved in the coordination effort with the NYC DOT to determine the location of the prototypes and assist in the physical design and evaluation of the effectiveness of the prototypes.

Traffic Systems, Inc. (TSI) was chosen by STV Inc. as their technical partner for the development of the electronics package which included the LED display and network communications.  One of TSI’s major tasks was to design and build from the ground up the physical LED display and enclosure, as well as assist in creating an aesthetically pleasing pole and cabinet design.  STV Inc. worked with TSI on securing vendors that would complement this design/development effort. 

After nearly nine months of development the system was deployed with an architecture that consists of a sign face that clearly and concisely indicates the bus route and destination while the constantly changing multi-segment LED display accurately depicts the number of stops until bus arrival.  The bus location information was integrated from an MTA “Bus Time” feed.  Bus Time is Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware and wireless communications technology that tracks the real-time location of buses which enabled the system to show the ridership the number of stops remaining. In order for the system to communicate properly, a special modem was deployed which will operate on the NYCWIN- City Wide Wireless System.

The display system is completely solar powered utilizing state of the art solar tubes which are currently being used on the NYC Bike Share program. The design required the development of a solar charging system that would allow for total autonomy of at least 7 days. 

The locations currently deployed and under evaluation are Prospect Street @Bay Street and Hyland Blvd @Reno Street.  Initial reactions from the public seem to be positive.  To read more click on the following link.

TSI’s Richard Marsancio Jr. and Jim Fleming  at the RTPI Prototype Installation

The raising of the display unit

Richard Marsancio Jr. and Jim Fleming installing the back-up batteries

It works! The bus and the RTPI information link up perfectly.

A view of the solar tube that powers the systems.

A close-up of the information display board

Employee Focus - Tom Donolli, Production Manager

Tom ”Tommy”  Donolli began his sheet metal training at Long Island’s Bethpage High School and had worked in the industry for over 25 years before landing here at Traffic Systems Inc. in 2004. 

Tommy is TSI’s sheet metal Production Manager responsible for TSI’s in-house custom fabrication operation and the production from start to finish of many of TSI’s cabinets and sheet metal products. 

He is a true craftsman whose designs and fabrications include everything from simple pole mounted flasher cabinets to pole and base mounted ITS cabinets for a variety of different applications.  Tommy is a master welder and his craft is evident in all his creations.  He has built custom cabinets for VMS trailers; he can create on the fly and can produce custom modifications for virtually any type cabinet or mounting hardware. 

Whether it is a cabinet or a red light camera mounting bracket, Tommy’s true talent lies in his design abilities.  He can take a customer’s spoken vision or special requirement and make it a reality.  It was this ability that helped Tommy play a pivotal role in the design and fabrication of the display and enclosure of the RTPI Prototype that is featured in this month’s newsletter addition.

Happy 10th anniversary to Tommy Donolli, TSI’s “Aluminum Artisan” and here is to many more “productive” years ahead!

Upcoming Events:

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Mar 12, 2014 - IMSA NJ Annual Meeting, Bordentown, NJ

May 14-16, 2014 - Northeastern District ITE Annual, Long Branch, NJ

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