Recent Projects:

Long Island NY Traffic Controller Upgrades:  In over a dozen contracts, TSI replaced and upgraded traffic signalization at 300 intersections in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the Town of Huntington.

  • Existing signal controllers were replaced and upgraded with new 2070 controllers in closed loop configurations.
  • TSI configured and programmed the controllers for each specific intersection. The completed controller systems and cabinets were then bench tested and site labeled for delivery to the specific intersection, ready for installation and operation
  • TSI integrated the controllers into various data-communications networks including fiber optic, wired and wireless media back to each county and town’s Traffic Management Center and software system.

NJ Turnpike Authority Congestion Management and Travel Time: TSI provided and configured thousands of wireless, battery powered in-pavement vehicle detectors, roadside antennas, repeaters and electronics to drive a massive New Jersey Congestion Management system, Travel Time and Motorist Advisory System. TSI also supplied and integrated 120 CCTV Cameras.

  • The wireless vehicle detectors communicate to a central software system that sends motorist messages to the VMS signs based on traffic count, speed, occupancy, weather and road conditions.
  • The system encompasses over 200 VMS signs and several thousand wireless, in-pavement vehicle detection devices across the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.
  • Vehicle data will be processed by the Turnpike’s central Operations Center and passed on to TRANSCOM Data Fusion Application for use in its regional traffic/transit management operations.
  • (see TSI Applications Note: NJ Turnpike Congestion and Incident Management System Restored, Enhanced and Expanded with Sensys Networks Wireless Vehicle Detection)

MTA Bridges and Tunnels, Verrazano Bridge Lane Signal Control System: TSI took over a project to implement a centrally controlled lane control signal system, and prepare the fiber optic communications network for an adjacent ITS project on the next section of the bridge.

  • TSI integrated VMS signs, CCTV cameras and fiber optic Ethernet switches.
  • TSI identified data communications compatibility requirements for the adjacent ITS project, specified and installed the communications gear to insure unified system operation.

NYCDOT, RTPI (Real Time Passenger Information): In partnership with Data Displays and STV, TSI designed and built prototypes of a sleek new LED next bus location signpost system.

  • The system integrates with the NYC Transit and Traffic Operations centers to provide real time next bus location information for riders at bus stops across NYC and the boroughs.
  • RTPI communicates wirelessly over the NYCWIN network (NYCDOT), and accepts real time bus location feeds from NYC Transit (MTANY).
  • RTPI is designed for low energy consumption and uses an integrated solar power subsystem for operation at remote sites with no power infrastructure.

Port Authority, Bayonne Bridge Wireless Vehicle Detection: TSI is currently under contract to provide a wireless vehicle detection system for the New York and New Jersey approaches to the Bayonne Bridge and at intervals across the bridge span. The system will provide the Port Authority with traffic counts, speed and occupancy information.

  • TSI is supplying all in-pavement wireless vehicle detectors, roadside electronics and wireless radios.
  • TSI is providing installation and system operation training.
  • TSI supported the prime contractor in system design, layout and configuration.

NYSDOT/Long Island Overheight Vehicle Detection System: TSI provided and integrated the first of a series of infra-red over height vehicle detection systems.

  • Systems were installed at Northern State Parkway entrance ramps to detect trucks and over height vehicles, and warn them against entering the parkway and damaging its low bridges.
  • Because of the program’s success, Governor Cuomo announced in June 2014 that this high priority safety project will be funded by the NYS Legislature for expansion into New York City and Westchester County.

Long Island Expressway INFORM Integration, NYSDOT: In numerous projects over 15 years, TSI managed the installation, testing and commissioning of equipment in all major phases of the Long Island Expressway integration into the INFORM Regional Traffic Operation Center in Hauppauge, NY.

  • The project included 45 signalized intersections, 95 ramp metering and surveillance cabinets, CCTV, VMS signage and fiber optic network design.
  • All ITS cabinets were built by TSI, and the electronics were assembled, integrated and programmed by TSI Systems Engineering Team.

NYSDOT Region 10 Multiple Parkway INFORM Integration and Travel Time: TSI provided and integrated the major data communications infrastructure, roadside equipment and cabinetry that enabled INFORM, NYSDOT's Long Island regional Traffic Operations Center, to efficiently collect, process and post travel time data for motorists. Focusing on Long Island's most congested roadways, TSI installed equipment and systems on Northern State, Southern State, Meadowbrook and Wantagh Parkways.

  • TSI Deployed T1 multiplexers in a self healing fiber optic ring to integrate serial data streams from multiple remote locations into the COVAL central system software at the INFORM Regional Traffic Operation Center in Hauppauge, NY.
  • TSI also commissioned CCTV cameras, Travel Time Signs, a highway advisory radio system, and installed and programmed two dozen acoustic vehicle detection devices.
  • Roadside cabinets and wiring harnesses were fabricated and assembled in house and integrated in the field by the TSI System Engineering Team.

Port Authority, Port of Newark Traffic Signalization: TSI integrated numerous intersections into a coordinated system utilizing 900Mhz serial radios. The intersections were also equipped with wireless video vehicle detection to provide semi actuation for more efficient traffic flow.

  • TSI implemented overall system integration of the CCTV, wireless data network and intersection controller subsystems.
  • TSI provided on site management and technical support for installation contractors and Port Authority staff.
  • TSI compiled all component and systems level preventative maintenance and service requirements and provided guidance to the Port Authority in creating its maintenance plans.

Connecticut DOT Intersection Traffic Signal Actuation, 2013-2014: TSI supplied and configured wireless, in-pavement vehicle detection equipment, and integrated the antennas and electronics into traffic controllers at 10 intersections in central Connecticut.

Connecticut DOT, I-95 and I-91 CCTV and Data Communications Infrastructure, multiple contracts, 2003 - ongoing: For over ten years TSI has implemented numerous traffic and ITS systems on Connecticut DOT and other Connecticut municipality roadways, as well as at central Connecticut DOT Traffic Operations Centers.

  • TSI integrated 40 CCTV cameras, microwave vehicle detectors and various communications equipment on a fiber optic infrastructure.
  • Upgraded video switches and installed head-end equipment in the Traffic Operations Center (TOC). TSI supplied the ATMS and HUB cabinets.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority Wireless Communications, 2008: Working with a consultant, TSI developed a spread spectrum communications system to wirelessly control advance warning signs for the Turnpike’s high speed EZPass lanes.

  • TSI performed radio site surveys, manufactured the roadside cabinets, and integrated, assembled, tested and deployed the wireless equipment and switching circuits.